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What to Consider When Feeding Horses on the Road

What to Consider When Feeding Horses on the Road

It is important to be prepared while out on the road so that safety and comfort of the horse can be maximized while traveling.


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horse feed

Are Genetically Modified Feeds Safe for Horses?

What are genetically modified feed ingredients, and are they really safe to feed to horses?

KER Research

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yearling sales

How Important Are Size and Body Condition for Thoroughbred Sale Yearlings?

Buyers look at various factors--pedigree, conformation, and racing performance of siblings--when considering the purchase of a Thoroughbred yearling. This study was conducted to find out the influence of body size and condition score on sale price.


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pistachio tree is horse pasture

Pistachio Trees Blamed for Horse Deaths

When eaten, wilted leaves and seeds of certain pistachio trees are toxic to horses, according to researchers.

General Interest

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weanling horse

Successful Weaning of Foals: Keep Them Eating

Weaning a foal is often accompanied by nonstop whinnying, stall- or fence-walking and, worst of all, an unwillingness to eat. Though interest in feed usually returns once the foal has settled, owners can ready a foal for weaning by following a few management strategies.